Your Experts in B2B

We are Bright8, a full-service marketing and PR agency and we are experts in B2B communication strategies. From our office based in Haarlem (the Netherlands), we are designing high-level brand strategies to help businesses with spreading their message to the right businesses and increasing their revenue.

Our multidisciplinary team assists B2B companies in reaching their business objectives and promoting their vision by using our unique and all-round communication approach.

An efficient and comprehensive approach

Bright8 offers an integrated communication approach. We support our B2B clients with a comprehensive mix of disciplines. From branding to marketing, campaigns, PR, and design, we will find the best strategy that will fit your organisation, and its audience.

Considering the societal changes and need for corporate accountability in B2B communications, Bright8 creates inspiring narratives to communicate an organisation’s ESG performance, reflecting its deepest values and engagements.

Our B2B Successful Cases

Learn more about how we assist our B2B clients and help them position themselves strongly within their target industry.


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