We create result-driven, creative campaigns that grab your target group’s attention and tell your unique story across online and offline media.

Campaign strategy

When we’re creating marketing campaigns, we always use the target group and your company objectives as the starting point to make sure the campaign performs well and is impactful, besides looking great. Your target audience is reached on the right channels by analyzing your data and that of the media environment.

Creating your media mix

For the target audience to come into contact with your campaign multiple times, you’ll need an effective media mix. By analyzing the target group, data, and media landscape we know how to get that mix right. The more times your audience sees your campaign, the more memorable it will be. The campaign will be launched online on different media such as print, social media, direct mailing, radio, TV, etc.

Online marketing

So, you want to get on top of the Google search page? You’ll need online marketing for that, as well as to give your message a little bit of an extra push on different online media. Just like we do with Social Media Campaigns, we have an omni-channel approach to online marketing, using different tools, platforms, and media to get your message across. From retargeting ads, to email marketing, online display ads and social media ads – we know the ins and outs of each online marketing discipline.

Creating content is also part of online marketing, something our creative team is very attuned with. This content is inspiring but also effective with in-depth keyword analysis and SEO optimization. It is a great way to gain organic traffic. Our email marketing gives you a very effective way to get your message straight to people’s inbox. There are many possibilities in online marketing, let’s discover what’s right for you.

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Online marketing

Keyword analysis,
SEO optimization,
E-mail marketing

Bright8 Creative Studio

Social Media

More visitors,
More attention,
More sales

Social media

We probably don’t need to tell you that social media marketing is crucial to launch an effective marketing campaign and to remain relevant as a brand. But you might not know exactly where and how to reach your target audience with your campaign. Whether you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, get more brand awareness or drive sales; we’ll make sure your objectives are met with cross-channel social media campaigns. We will create a strategy and execute content for all our paid, owned, earned campaigns, and across all media channels.

Our creative studio will serve you fresh ideas on how to reach your target audience, engage and create like-worthy content. Your message will come across clearly with eye-catching visuals, catchy copywriting, and inspiring videos – all from the digital natives who are up on all the latest Social Media trends. From LinkedIn campaigns to Facebook posts and Instagram feeds, we know what works on what platform and can adjust the content accordingly.

Dashboarding, Reporting & Data

We really enjoy the nerdy side of campaigns: analyzing the available data, adapting the data-driven content, and optimizing the campaign. That means we always maintain some flexibility in the campaign to bring in learnings along the way and use this data to sharpen the campaign as we go. Of course, A/B testing is always part of this process. In the final report, we’ll have a critical look at the obtained KPI’s and give concrete suggestions for the next campaigns.

Media Buying: Online & Offline

We not only create the what and the why of your brand’s messaging, we can also handle the where. Our media buying department is experienced in purchasing the right space for your message. Whether online or offline, we can create a flight schedule that ensures the right people see your message in all the right places while making the best use of your marketing spend. Be it our out of home campaign, native ads, programmatic display campaigns or branded content across all media titles.

Destination marketing

We have over 15 years of experience in destination marketing with a portfolio of successful campaigns. Our travel experts are in commercial, strategic, creative and leadership roles within the travel industry. With us, you’re guaranteed all the insights necessary to create an effective marketing campaign for your travel destination. We’ll dive right into what makes your destination unique, create a target group segmentation and use this to build the creative concept and campaign. Have a look at the Curaçao full service marketing & PR case to find exactly how we make this happen.

Media Buying: Online & Offline