We work on Public Relations and marketing that builds your brand by telling your story to the people who need to hear it, getting your message across in the right media, creating opportunity rather than just seizing it, across earned, owned, and paid.

Marketing & PR

With us, Public Relations is always integrated into the entire communications plan. We believe in creating a synergy between marketing and PR and have many years of experience in the execution of both.

Classic PR disciplines

Our PR team is well-versed in specific PR disciplines such as crisis PR, acting as the spokesperson for your company toward media and writing press releases. We organize press and influencer events or trips and are great fans of guerrilla PR to grab attention in unexpected ways.

  • Press releases
  • Crisis PR
  • Media network
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PR disciplines

Generate attention
in unexpected ways

Content creation

Make an impact
across different media

Content creation

To create impactful pitches toward different media that they simply can’t resist, our creative team can put together engaging editorial content. By now we should know you (our client) very well and that combined with our knowledge of the different magazines, websites and blogs allows us to create content that stands out from the sea of other pitches they receive.

Media outreach print & digital

We have a large network in online and offline media which helps us make sure your messages get into all the right platforms. Our personal connections with writers, editors, bloggers and influencers gives us the opportunity to act swiftly and effectively. PR will be part of the marketing media mix, enhancing and supporting other communication. We’ll get your brand and story in the right magazines, newspapers, blogs, news outlets, tv-shows and radio shows.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are a great way to reach a larger chunk of your target audience through their followers. Our large network of influencers helps us to set up an influencer marketing campaign in no time. We won’t just pick anyone with a large following but really make sure that each person is aligned with your brand or campaign message, target group and/or target segmentation.

There’s a whole lot of strategy behind influencer marketing and we like to see it as an essential part of getting your campaign message across effectively. Whether we work with big names that have large followings or niche influencers that connect with a more segmented audience, we’ll make sure it’s aligned with your brand and positioning. Besides getting your message across, working with influencers is also a great way to get authentic, original content. Your product, service or destination is captured by the most digital-savvy people who know their (and your) target audience like the back of their hand.

Since we’re all about results; you’ll also receive a report and overview of the reach on each platform for each post, the engagement, and any other KPI’s you’d like us to analyze.

B8 PR Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing

original content