Welcome to our creative agency and studio; where bright ideas and a fresh approach to brand identity will put your brand in the spotlight.

Creative Concept

After a positioning we will develop your creative concept. This usually consists of a look & feel, a complete visualisation of the positioning, payoff, and tone of voice. Using insights, data analysis, messaging and a USP that defines the strategy, we craft your communications blueprint that guides all of your future communications. Next comes the development of every piece of your marketing materials, all aligned to make your brand resonate.

Brand Identity

Our goal is to always tie creative concepts to your brand identity. Not only do we help you stand out by using your brand’s memorable logo, tagline, colors, unique graphic design elements and photography, but we also create the big idea that brings it all together. We create impactful graphic design to tell your story. As a creative agency, we make sure that every visual detail is in line with the creative concept, stands out and is attractive to your audiences. We know what works and have experience in every graphic design discipline from online banners to billboards and social media posts.

Websites and Online Communication

One of your most powerful marketing tools is your brand’s website. It’s where the market comes to learn about what your brand offers and why it is different from all others out there. We craft full websites that give brands their digital presence and create connections to customers. Strategic UI/UX functionality ensures that your website offers the most enjoyable user interface and experience that builds brand equity and loyalty in the marketplace. We also make it easy for customers to communicate with you through contact forms and other interactive displays throughout your website, and design specific smart website solutions.

Content Creation & Copy in Multiple Languages

You might have the right message, but to get it across you need the right words. That’s where our copywriters come in. They tell your story and reach your target audience with the right tone of voice and wording. From finding the perfect tagline and crafting that catchy Instagram caption to writing effective press releases, SEO optimized web content and any other writing you’ll need for your communication. We are also able to write your brand messaging in different languages, enabling you to reach a wider audience and scale-up your organization. We offer:

  • Conceptual brand copy
  • Social Media copy
  • Web content & copy
  • Blogs
  • SEO optimized web text
Bright8 Copywriting

Content creation & copy

The right story told
with the right words

Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation

Instead of a single execution of your brand’s message, we create comprehensive, cohesive campaigns that position your brand in front of consumers, no matter where they might be. Using online and offline mediums, we generate awareness and engagement that moves the needle. From print materials to social media to digital display banners to out of home, we place your brand where your audience can find it.

We also develop video, animated content and infographics that are fantastic additions to your campaign or social media strategy. Whether your aim is creating more traffic, sharing information, increasing sales, or building brand awareness – we’ll make sure your objectives are met. With our marketing expertise, we not only know how to create the videos and animations, but more importantly, where to launch them to get the most reach. We create eye-catching and unique:

  • Brand manual and guidelines
  • Payoff
  • Logo design
  • Tone of Voice
  • Samples of marketing materials based on creative concept and brand ID
  • Printed marketing materials: flyers, posters, business cards
  • Campaign Materials, such as outdoor marketing and online banners