What we do


To establish and nurture brand equity, you need a strategy that places your brand in the right position to win the hearts and minds of your audience. We can help you craft a strategy that enables your brand to not just stand out but stand apart. 


At Bright8, we believe that everything is connected, and that collaboration is key. From design to copywriting and building your website; our creative team is made up of people specialized in their fields. But as much as they love doing their own thing, they love working together. As a close-knit team we can make sure that every little detail of your creatives and marketing output is line with the creative concept and strategy.


We love getting creative and producing good-looking and sounding marketing material, but we love creating measurable results even more. When we’re creating marketing campaigns, we always use the target group and your company objectives as the starting point to make sure the campaign performs well and is impactful, besides looking great. Your target audience is reached on the right channels by analyzing your data and that of the media environment.


With us, Public Relations is always integrated into the entire communication plan. We believe in creating a synergy between marketing and PR and have many years of experience in the execution of both. So, whether it’s about a project or a yearly PR plan, serious subjects or dream holidays we’ll make sure that the PR and marketing complement and strengthen each other.

Bright8 PR Marketing Meeting
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