You want to be memorable, resonate with your target group, stand out and be cohesive; a brand strategy makes sure of all that. Lucky for you, we know just how to create one. Let us show you how.

Why do you need a brand strategy?

We’ll offer concrete insights, a fresh take on things you may be stuck on and a clear, effective direction for your company. Employees will be clear on the core messaging of your company and everyone will be on one the same page. Sounds good? Let’s get straight to it.

How will we work together?

Our strategy development process involves working closely with you to guide you through detailed steps to ensure success. We’ll get to know your company by doing desk research to gather information about your product/services, objectives, target group, competitors and gain understanding of what makes you unique.

What are the steps?

Through a rich brand discovery exercise, we will evaluate everything from your brand’s offering to the competitive landscape, your target audience behavior as well as your company culture. We will explore where you stand in the market, how you arrived there, what is keeping you there and how to reposition your brand in order to move forward. As each organization we serve is unique, we tailor the following approach to you.

  • The Overview
    Assessing your brand’s market position
  • The Vision
    Defining your future brand position
  • The Market 
    Analyzing your target audience and propensity to purchase
  • The Messaging
    Evaluating your communication approach and tactics
  • The Promise
    Concepting your unique selling proposition and user benefit
  • The Narrative
    Crafting your brand position statement and brand story

The next step

Brand discovery exercise

Target your audience effectively

With a marketing
and media plan

Marketing Plan

With your brand position established, we will create a complete year-long marketing plan that effectively targets your audience. The comprehensive plan will include an appropriate mix of paid and social media and will detail the best ways to leverage your existing brand platforms and branded content.


Media Plan

What you say to your audience is as important as where you say it. We will craft a specific list of media channels that will ensure your brand reaches the right people with the right message at the right time. With paid, earned, and organic media outlets, we will create exceptional visibility and engagement for your brand.