Brand positioning & strategy

The future of farming

Kverneland is one of the leaders in developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services. One of those machines is the Kverneland Disc Spreader, which has been a successful product group within the Kverneland crop care portfolio. How can they remain top of mind for farmers? How can they keep their #1 position as a disc spreader provider? Leave it up to our team to figure that out.

Good research means great positioning

Our in-depth knowledge and skills in marketing strategy and brand positioning made us an attractive partner for Kverneland to work with. They asked us to use those skills to create a brand positioning that is visible in all three pillars: product proposition, marketing and sales. So of course, we got straight to action.

Research heroes

There’s a whole lot of research and information that goes into creating a brand positioning. We need to know every single detail. We need to become one with the brand and understand it like it’s our own. After doing desk research and going through the input we got from the client we set up a brainstorm to really get things off the ground. The aim of this brainstorm was to collect information about the disc spreaders that took things a step further than the initial information we found. With a select team from us and the client, we unraveled critical points and questions and got different points of view on what was important for the brand.

The positioning

All that information then magically turns into a brand positioning – just kidding. After organizing our notes from the brainstorm and desk research, it’s time to streamline all the information to find gaps, opportunities and patterns we can use for the positioning. We then presented and pitched this to Kverneland with a presentation that outlines not only what it is, but how we got there. The positioning also included vision and mission statements as well marketing messages to focus on in communication. A buying funnel is also outlined, summarizing and highlighting the most important steps for each stage.

The next steps

The presentation for Kverneland’s positioning went very well, so what do we do now? Now it’s time to translate all this information into a creative concept. Currently, our creative team is working hard on visualizing and conceptualizing the brand positioning with creatives that bring the brand positioning to life. You’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.

Want to know more about how we create a brand strategy and positioning? You’ll find a detailed overview of what we do on our strategy page. Or just say hello, we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Kverneland Group is an international company responsible for innovation, creation, and distribution of agricultural equipment. They want to contribute to sustainable agriculture to continue to provide good food to the growing world population.