Full service marketing
and PR agency

A fresh, creative agency with over 10 years’ experience in creative and strategic marketing and PR. That’s us in a nutshell.

Bright8 is a boutique full service marketing and PR agency. From strategy to PR and the execution of content and stand-out campaigns; we can cater to all your needs. With our in-house studio, we take full control of the creation process and execute what we need to turn the developed strategies into smart, distinct campaigns.

We have been around in the travel industry for over 15 years. Besides that, we have 11 years of experience and knowledge in many different sectors, varying from lifestyle to retail.

Our mission is to make sure we can fully support every client. With knowledge, experience and talent we create synergy between the entire marketing and PR process. From strategy to creation and execution; we make sure that all the objectives are fully met. We connect our own goals with that of the client, making sure that the client is an integral part of what we achieve.

Who is behind Bright8?

Bright8 was founded by David de Smit. After transferring his agencies to his partner, David started Bright8 with a small team and a handful of clients. What inspired this transition? The ambition to start a boutique marketing and PR agency specialising in bringing strategic creativity and PR to life in high-quality campaigns for travel, lifestyle and B2B brands.

Bright8 consists of a small team of marketing and PR professionals. Our team is growing fast to sustain our ambition of delivering top-quality campaigns and the highest standard of service.

Who is behind Bright8?

In 2019, with more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry, I founded Bright8 together with an experienced team of marketing and PR professionals. What inspired me? The goal to begin a boutique marketing and PR agency that specializes in bringing strategic creativity and PR to life in high-quality campaigns for travel, lifestyle and B2B brands.

David de Smit

Managing Director

I’m what you call a true travel connoisseur and have seen a big chunk of the world. Besides travelling, I’ve been in various senior roles within the international travel and hotel industry. I founded Travel Counsellors in the Netherlands and Belgium, which specializes in personal travel advice. This year, I started my journey with Bright8 and enjoy sharing my expertise.

Fred van Eijk

Senior Advisor

If I’d like to tag along to a new office, without a name or location? Yes, without a doubt. Together with David, I’d gladly make the transition to Bright8. Turns out, that was a great decision. Working with this warm and inspiring team means I’m going to work with a smile on my face, even with tight deadlines. My favorite part? Starting from scratch and going the extra mile in creativity.

Jolijn Rosenhart

Art Director

Dedication and discipline are two words you could use to describe me. My greatest passion is moving images and animation but can just as easily express my creativity in graphic design or other media. Lucky for me, I can work at Bright8 on both disciplines because the work is so varied. No day is the same!

Isabel de Veth

Graphic Designer/ DTP’er
I’m a creative jack-of-all-trades with a love for online and web, but find joy in every aspect of design. As a Graphic Designer at Bright8 this works out perfectly. You can find me in Illustrator or Photoshop, but besides that you can also find me in Disneyland Paris on a regular basis. I am a real Disney fan, from the movies to the amusement parks. Visiting all the Disney parks in the world is at the top of my bucket list (2 down, 10 to go)!

Anouk Szabo

Graphic Designer/ DTP’er

When I was young, I wanted to be a garbage man, but after watching the movie Top Gun, jet fighter pilot was the only option. After many years of experience (with less G-powers) in the restaurant business, I’m happy to have found my place at Bright8 as a Marketing & PR consultant. I love pizza, can easily get in the way when I’m walking and when I grow up, I want to be Winnie de Pooh.

Björn van den Ham

Marketing & PR Consultant
My journey at Bright8 started in the summer, and I knew right away that it was the right fit. However, before embarking on the Bright8 journey, I decided to explore another one first. I jumped in my camper and travelled across Europe, which has been one of my most memorable experiences thus far. Upon my return to the Netherlands, I re-connected with the Bright8 team and decided to dive into the marketing & PR material. During my travels, I aspired to be an influencer, but upon returning to Haarlem, I found that my true inspiration comes from planning and executing campaigns and being continuously challenged by all that this discipline has to offer.

Fleur Schelling

Marketing & PR Consultant

I’m very grateful to have a position now as PR & Marketing consultant at Bright8 after years of trotting the world. I have lived in many different countries all over the world and therefore see myself as a global citizen. My hobbies include kitesurfing, creative writing, photography, and of course travelling. My inspiration comes from my environment and the people around me, therefore, I believe that I have found the perfect medium for such inspiration at bright8.

Brigitte Ellis

Marketing & PR Consultant

During my study Tourism Management, it quickly became clear that online marketing is my passion. What I love the most about it? Finding creative solutions that are based on data. This is why I am so thankful and excited to start as a Junior Online Marketer at Bright8! Net to work you can either find me discovering a new restaurant, reading a book, traveling the world with my backpack, kickboxing, visiting a museum or learning a new language.

Carole Sahli

Junior Online Marketer

Sounds great, but what exactly do you do?

Good question! Let’s be specific. Our services span from strategy, market positioning, creative conceptualisation, brand identity and developing marketing and media plans, house styles, websites, HTML 5 banners and online campaigns to print and media buying.

Come again? That’s right, we are a small team of multidisciplinary professionals with the flexibility to collaborate with external partners as needed. Quality is always guaranteed. All we need is some time.

Sounds great, but what
exactly do you do?

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