Curaçao Tourist Board

Impacting Through Full Service

From strategy to creation and the execution of campaigns: as a full service marketing & PR agency, Bright8 does it all. If you are curious to know what that entails, you have come to the right place.

As full service as it gets

For Curaçao, Bright8 is the full service marketing & PR agency for the Netherlands and Germany. We are responsible for everything to do with marketing, media and PR for both the B2C campaigns and communication with partners and the travel industry.

What is the Curaçao Tourist Board?

The tropical island itself surely needs no introduction. Curaçao is the land of pearly white beaches and clear waters, but it has so much more to offer on top of that. The Curaçao Tourist Board Europe (CTBE) is responsible for the promotion of this sun-drenched holiday destination towards both consumers and business relations. Bright8 is the Board’s marketing agency of choice.

Strategy and repositioning

For example, we developed the rollout of the international “Feel it for yourself” campaign in the Netherlands and Germany. That involved modifying all copy, visuals and the campaign’s look & feel to make them relevant to the market and the target group – a perfect job for our creative team.

Marketing and media plan

Every year, we develop an overall communication strategy based on the situation on the market and the objectives. We then translate this strategy into marketing and PR tactics. With regard to marketing, we develop a marketing and media plan; for the PR, we come up with a PR plan with storylines, angles and activities, press and influencer trips and events.

We also create content and marketing materials with eye-catching visuals and the right copy. Once all that is done, we can direct all our attention to the campaign and choose various moments throughout the year when we know the target group will be busy planning their next holiday. One such moment is the start of the new year, when most holiday bookings are made. This also benefits the partners on the island and in the Netherlands.

Using our large network of editors and journalists, we also work on media purchasing and branded content for lifestyle magazines.

COVID-19 Messaging

From 2020 to 2022, we helped Curaçao navigate the pandemic years in several ways. This communications scope unfolded in Europe, with focus in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. From crisis PR, to conceiving and rolling out multiple consumer-facing campaigns, updating media, future travelers and travel agents about the entry requirements and protocols while travelling to and on the island, to supporting the Curaçao government with hospitality protocols, infographics and communications, we keep all relevant stakeholders up to date and informed. Read more

Press & Influencer Trips

We regularly organise trips to Curaçao for members of the press, editors and influencers, so they can create amazing content and reach a wider audience via the various social media channels. For every trip, we come up with a specific angle/theme in order to show off the many authentic and diverse themes of the island itself. Read more

Main sponsor Ajax

Since the start of the year, Curaçao is one of the main sponsors of Ajax. The logo on the sleeve of players’ shirts is one of the many ways in which Curaçao will be visible during matches and through which Curaçao will travel the world via TV broadcasts.

During matches, relevant Curaçao-themed material will also be shown in the stadium. Read more

Trade PR and B2B communication

We support the CTBE office in The Hague to make sure all communication with travel agents, tour operators and travel trade press goes well. Additionally, we provide presentations and all marketing materials for trade partners.

The Curaçao Tourist Board Europe (CTBE) is responsible for all marketing in Europe for Curaçao. All materials that you come across in Europe are taken care of by Bright8. From banners to radio campaigns.