Working Smarter Together

Notarisdossier is a forward-thinking Dutch software provider aimed exclusively at notary offices, serving and understanding their specific needs and affording the complete digitizing of the notary process. The software is customizable to specific needs and integrates smoothly with other software solutions required in the industry, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Land Registry software. Notarisdossier is a complete, accessible, efficient and easy to use software solution.

Traditional versus Progressive: Unbridgeable Gap?

The team at Notarisdossier realized they faced a challenge: to increase the adoption of a technical solution that is ahead of the standard offer, within what is still a fairly traditional environment, without losing the innovation the product brings. Bridging this gap presented an interesting opportunity for us to take on.

Two Proposals in One Go

Our initial research showed that Notarisdossier needed more insight into its own mission and strengths. Among other things, we realised that two different but coherent propositions were required: one for the software solution in itself and one for the Notarisdossier’s team. On the one side, the quality and the technical specifications of the software had to take centre stage, on the other side, the expertise and authenticity provided by the technical and customer service teams couldn’t go unnoticed.

We kicked off by co-creating a renewed business positioning and creative messaging. For this, we chose to build on the Notarisdossier strenghts: its smart software solutions as well as a team that is truly dedicated to providing the best solution and helping their clients. With the new positioning and concept in place, we proceeded to create and execute the corporate branding and identity creatives.

This was the starting point for the brand identity and the new look and feel of the website. With this in mind, we gave the Notarisdossier a fresh and authentic look. Anyone visiting the homepage is greeted immediately by an actual employee of the company and not a hired model or a stock portrait.

The Importance of Tone of Voice

To developing a suitable tone of voice that showed sensitivity towards the industry’s traditional environment, we focused on translating the innovation brought by the software and the company’s key business differentiators. In the end, the tone of voice developed can be described as sober, confident, entrepreneurial, reassuring, consistent and last but not least, customer-oriented and human – just like the user-friendly software and customer-service.

Notarisdossier is more than just a software, just as the notary is more than just the deed. Using Notarisdossier provides peace of mind and time to focus on what matters most.