You want to be memorable, resonate with your target group, stand out and be cohesive; a brand strategy makes sure of all that. Lucky for you, we know just how to create one. Let us show you how.

Why do you need a brand strategy?

We’ll offer concrete insights, a fresh take on things you may be stuck on and a clear, effective direction for your company. Employees will be clear on the core messaging of your company and everyone will be on one the same page. Sounds good? Let’s get straight to it.

Getting to know your company

Your company’s background is crucial to create a tailor-made brand strategy. We’ll do desk research to gather information about your product/services, objectives, target group, competitors and already make some notes on what makes you unique.

The brainstorm

We dive into every aspect and detail of the proposition, target group, company culture, competition and trends in the market. No question is left unanswered.

The new brand strategy and positioning

Now that we’re completely up to date on your company, it’s time to establish your new brand positioning. We’ll need a few weeks to create an extensive presentation in which we elaborate on how we got to your new brand positioning, what it is and why it works.

Key elements to our brand positioning presentation:

  • A clear overview of your current situation and position in the market
  • An overview of your desired situation: where you’d like to be in the market
  • An in-depth analyzation of the target group
  • The communication layers and hierarchy
  • The unique user benefit and brand promise
  • The brand positioning: the message, brand story and statement

By conducting and analyzing all this research, we’ve made sure that your brand positioning and strategy connects what you have to offer with the target groups distinct demand. This USP is worded clearly and will help to make sure you always resonate with your target group. After we’ve done a rationale, we’ll word the positioning in a few paragraphs as well as the brand mission and vision if needed.


The brand strategy

de message,
the brand story &
mission statement

The creative concept

A fresh take at internal and external communication

The creative concept

This is the part where it all comes together: the creative concept. After having a concrete brand strategy, you’re probably very excited to see it all in action. The creative concept will outline the ‘Big Idea’ behind all your communication and defines the visual and textual branding elements in a brand book.

Key elements to the creative concept:

  • A tagline
  • A visual identity with a range of design elements
  • A tone of voice
  • A fresh take on internal and external communication

With this package, you’ll be set for the next couple of years and complements the visual identity you already have. Our in-house studio can develop all the creatives necessary to communicate this concept effectively, head to our creative page to see what else we can do for you.