DUTCH WASTE Collectors & Cleaning

Creating a Marketing Strategy That Supports Growth

DUTCH WASTE Collectors & Cleaning is an expert in the field of maritime and industrial cleaning, collection and processing of waste products. With many years of experience in environmental management, the company provides each of its customers with the right solution to serve their specific needs. In recent years, through a series of takeovers, DUTCH WASTE’s business and team has grown considerably in a short amount of time.

Operating under a new business name and logo, DUTCH WASTE had taken initial steps towards creating greater brand awareness. However, the new brand had not been repositioned and was still lacking visibility in the market. In alignment with DUTCH WASTE’s mission, values and recent business growth, it was up to us to create, develop and implement a brand marketing strategy that brought awareness and visibility to the company and its services.

Effective Brand Communication Demands Insight!

But how do you truly get to know an organization and its core business proposition, mission and values when those have never been written down? Through a strictly planned yet informal brainstorming session with several key internal stakeholders, we quickly learned about DUTCH WASTE’s unique business proposal, brand character and the services it offers.

Next to this, we immersed ourselves in research and gained insight into how the maritime cleaning industry is a niche market where everyone knows each other, and price competition is fierce. With this knowledge, it became important to make all the company’s highly specialized services visible, uncover real stories of knowledge, expertise, quality and safety. These values helped us develop exciting angles. By combining our expertise, research and creativity, we established a number of steps in order to develop DUTCH WASTE’s brand identity and establish lines of communication that could be used long-term as a common thread throughout all activities and communications.

The Steps to an Overarching Concept

To increase the visibility of the brand, we started by developing a clear positioning with a focus on distinctiveness. Here we identified the values, established the communication hierarchy and the message for the different target groups. An exercise to specifically fit DUTCH WASTE’s organization character, its team, current situation but also its future desired positioning!

From there on, we connected the steps that had already been made during the re-branding phase with the steps made during the positioning, strategy and target group approach phases and combined them into a clear overarching (international) message: the overarching concept. It was a joy to use both words and images to develop a visualization of DUTCH WASTE’s positioning and to produce a blueprint for its future internal and external communications.

From Concept to Commercial Targets?

Based on the positive reception of the positioning, strategy and exciting concept, we are currently developing a marketing and media plan that addresses the various target groups in multiple ways and with a high frequency in the second half of 2021. To complete the picture, we created new content and copy for the website which we also redesigned to match the new concept.

Dutch Waste is an expert in maritime and industrial cleaning and waste collection. With years of experience and expertise in the environmental field, they always offer the right solution to the customer.