Prologis Media Update: 2022-2023 ESG Report

We’re pleased to announce that the latest annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report has just been released, outlining our growth and performance with sustainable logistics, our #prologispeople and the things that we do to better and create more resilient communities. This comes concurrently with launching a rebrand of our Prologis Essentials, which endeavours to be more transparent, better serviced and augmented with new services and offerings to our customers.

The 2022-2023 ESG report offers insights into our ESG goals and progress, net-zero emissions, renewable energy capture, our EV charging capabilities, investments into innovation, governance and social responsibility. This is our 17th Edition since 2006, way before ‘ESG’ and ‘sustainability’ were bywords in any industry.

Our climate strategy, as always, is driven by our focus on customer centricity. Increasingly, governments and authorities are pressuring businesses to include sustainability into their reporting—we help our customers to achieve their goals by providing a suite of sustainability, renewable energy and mobility solutions through our Prologis Essentials platform.

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Quote from Ben Bannatyne, president, Prologis Europe

“Our 2022-2023 ESG report is a clear example of our drive towards our Net Zero 2040 goal. Prologis has maintained undeterred, that everything we do, is for our customers’ benefit. It drives us to be proactive and innovative–and our yearly ESG markers attest. I am proud that Prologis Europe is a leading force in the global supply chain industry, enabling our customers to fulfil their own sustainability goals and grow their businesses.”

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