Visit Estonia

How we made sure travel professionals
know all about astonishing Estonia

Using our network and expertise in the travel trade, we created a B2B travel marketing campaign for Visit Estonia.

A medieval city with a modern new life, magical nature with bogs, forests and an endless coastline – Estonia has plenty to offer as a travel destination. But right now, our job isn’t to sell it to you but to travel professionals. We work closely with the lovely team behind Visit Estonia for a B2B travel marketing and recently launched a campaign to introduce Visit Estonia to the Dutch travel trade.

Expertise in Dutch

We’ve been in this industry for over 15 years, that’s a lot of time to perfect the art of marketing campaigns in tourism – not just to travelers but also B2B within the travel industry. Getting your destination into the right e-learnings, platforms and trade media is crucial to creating awareness for your destination. We have people in our team with close, personal connections in the Dutch travel trade – and we’re aren’t afraid to use them. 

Finding what makes Estonia

Before we start any communication, no matter what the project, we need to know all the ins and outs of what we’re promoting. For Estonia that meant doing our research, diving straight into all the available brochures, videos, articles and online workshops. Where to go, when to go, fun facts, best hotels and accommodation, currency – it’s safe to say we know every little detail about Estonia. We created positioning and built content for the e-learning based on research and our knowledge of what professionals in the tourism industry want and need know. .

The B2B travel marketing campaign

For the launch of Estonia and the Visit Estonia team to the trade market, we created an E-learning on the TravEcademy platform and an inspirational, dedicated Estonia page on the Ecademy network. The content for this page is created by us and includes images, video and contact details for the team to inspire the 5.600 active returning visitors with astonishing Estonia.

We didn’t stop at making the e-learning though, we created a marketing mix to grab attention on multiple occasions and locations, both online and offline. This included:

  • A giveaway campaign for the travel agents that partake in the e-learning and  banners onTravMedia that highlight the prize.
  • An interview with Kristiina (Project Manager of Trade Marketing VisitEstonia) which was published in the hard copy of TravMagazine.
  • A press release to trade media.
  • Advertisements in the digital TravelPro Magazine.
  • Banners in the Visit Estonia look & feel and with a personal touch with quotes from Kristiina to give the campaign a face.
  • Social Media posts with graphics and copy to go on the TravMedia channels.

Visit Estonia is responsible for tourism to Estonia. They try to enthuse travelers to make a trip to Estonia. The country is a hidden gem and definitely worth a visit.