More meals, less waste

StreetSmart, organized by HVO Querido, raises money every year in November and December from a hundred Amsterdam hospitality entrepreneurs for people who need it, such as the homeless and families in need. The participating restaurants ask their guests if they may put one extra euro on the bill for this charity. Unfortunately due to the corona measures this isn’t possible this year. So an alternative was devised; StreetFood.

StreetFood’s goal is to reduce food waste and at the same time provide Amsterdammers who need it with a healthy, free meal. Affiliated restaurants are asked to prepare a meal from leftover food, which is normally thrown away, and donate it to Amsterdammers in need. These meals are put in special refrigerators that are placed in various locations in Amsterdam. Anyone who needs it can grab such a meal.

Bright8 was able to join this fantastic initiative of StreetFood. We developed a campaign image and message that is in line with StreetSmart and supports the communication goals. With this campaign message we reach out to the Amsterdam (hospitality) entrepreneurs who participate in StreetSmart and beyond. For StreetFood we developed an eye-catching corporate identity that fits nicely with StreetSmart’s branding. To draw attention to the campaign, we developed a flyer for entrepreneurs, stickers to put on the refrigerators, an animation video for the subway and bus, and made an informative website page about StreetFood.

The launch of StreetFood took place on Tuesday, November 10th 2020.