Nuna’s way of life

Inspiring Families Through Captivating Online Campaigns

Nuna is an international brand selling premium baby gear, such as strollers, baby seats and carriers. Inspired by the creativity of Dutch design, the brand creates elegant babies’ accessories fashioned to last and make your daily life with little ones as easy as possible. The quality and safety of Nuna’s product line is widely recognised within the industry, with over 320 awards including the ADAC, Red Dot Design and Mother & Baby awards.

Nuna’s team approached us with the aim to boost connection with moms, dads and future parents, and to elevate their brand within the Dutch market. Nuna was looking to strengthen their positioning as a brand that is close to parents, provides aesthetic, safe and lasting baby gears, makes parenthood easier and sparks joy.

Digital Campaigns in the Netherlands

To boost Nuna’s brand awareness among Dutch families, Bright8 developed a strategy, creative messaging, social media approach, planning and creative assets, as well as display campaigns. Through these campaigns, we aim to promote Nuna’s brand offer, from strollers to car seats, and to showcase the brand’s premium lifestyle proposition.

Designing Details

We created great visuals to connect Nuna with its Dutch audience. We highlighted how the brand understands parents and babies’ needs and their wellbeing. At our in-house studio, we designed creative banners and social media visuals that match Nuna’s positioning and delivered on the strategy we developed. What is better than a happy baby face to share this message?

Increasing User Engagement: My Nuna Community

Aware of the importance of word-of-mouth marketing in increasing Nuna’s credibility among parents, we found ways to encourage users to share their Nuna’s experience under the existing hashtag “My Nuna”. Our goals were to grow the Nuna online Dutch community and to generate authentic content that speaks to parents’ lifestyle.

With playful messaging and visuals, aimed at a specific target audience, Bright8 delivered successful digital campaigns in which the click per page and the time per session went up while the bounce rate went down. Because we observe and listen to Nuna’s customer needs and keep on optimising our visuals and messaging to reach them, we deliver on strategy, messaging and captivating online campaigns. With this approach, we are helping Nuna to make parenthood easier.

Nuna is an award-winning brand that provides a large range of baby gear. Founded in 2007, Nuna has been focusing on creating smart, helpful and elegant baby equipment to make parenthood more enjoyable across the globe.