Curaçao Tourist Board

Navigating Curaçao through COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, Bright8 has been working with the Curaçao Tourist Board to support the tourist sector in Curaçao as much as possible.


We hope to see you soon

A time of crisis is also a time to be extra creative. We started by communicating the facts and consequences of the crisis. Sending out information about the cancelled flights to Curaçao, the consequences of this for the tourists on the island and the measures taken by the government to protect them and the locals.

But we didn’t want to just stop there. The strong connection between the Island, its locals and its visitors should continue to be highlighted and strengthened. Inspired by the resilience of the CTB team we decided to continue to show why Curaçao is one of the most popular holiday destinations.


Dushi things to do at home

And what do we do now that people can’t go to Curaçao? We brought Curaçao into their homes!

With local influencers we developed videos to show you what typical Curaçao-inspired things you can do from home.

“The special thing about this series is that these videos were made by people who live on Curaçao or who have a warm heart for the island and want to support the island with positive, stimulating content. Each experience shows what makes Curaçao so unique. There is no camera crew and the vlogs were made in and around the house by the vloggers themselves.”

So, grab your yoga mat, join a Zumba class or make your own Keshi Yena. You’ll find the ‘Dushi things to do at home’ videos on the social channels of Curaçao.


‘Welcome Back’ campaign

Soaking up the sun on tropical beaches, enjoying the hospitality and laidback island vibe; travellers couldn’t wait to feel it for themselves again.

Luckily, after being in lockdown due to COVID-19, Curaçao reopened their borders to select countries on July 1st and we were able to invite them back with the ‘Welcome Back’ campaign.

As soon as the news was out that the borders for travelers were opening in Curaçao, we needed to act fast. The next stage of our communication strategy was the Recovery stage which we supported with a PR campaign and national media campaign.


Creating COVID-19 protocols

As the world was slowly re-opening and countries were welcoming back travelers, it looked like Summer is happening after all.

But re-opening doesn’t mean just going back to how things were before the COVID-19 outbreak. To take preventive measures we all need to consider protocols and a recovery plan, making sure that guests, friends from abroad and visitors enjoy their time while staying safe from the virus.

So, in cooperation with the ministry of Health in Curaçao we developed “A Dushi Stay, the Healthy Way” program including protocols for local companies and local communications including the “Dushi Stay”-app.


The Dushi Stay Reporter

Following the border reopening, the Curaçao Tourist Board collaborated with local vlogger Ramsay Soemanta and developed a fun 10-episode web-series to share the new way of traveling this new COVID-19 era. The mini web-series called “The Dushi Stay Reporter” was shared on CTB’s social platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The serie follows Ramsay’s adventures around the island as he visits various attractions, restaurants, and engages in a number of on-island experiences. While also meeting and interviewing tourists who are currently on vacation about their experience on the island. The purpose of the web-series is to show that Curaçao is open for tourism and a destination where visitors can feel secure while still enjoying a holiday.



‘Hier ben je welkom’ campaign

Curaçao is just one of the very few destinations where Dutch travellers can enjoy a carefree holiday in the sun. And there is an urgent need to stimulate tourism for the local economy.

A reason for us to create a multimedia campaign in the first week of autumn to invite travellers to enjoy the safe sun in Curaçao for fall and winter.

Radio campaign & out of home
We have set up an in-program radio campaign in collaboration with Qmusic. The morning show of Mattie and Marieke was in theme to the Curaçao sun for the entire week.

Also we extended a broad national out of home campaign in 4 different messages.

The Curaçao Tourist Board Europe (CTBE) is responsible for all marketing in Europe for Curaçao. All materials that you come across in Europe are taken care of by Bright8. From banners to radio campaigns.