Cleansing the Air of Your Space
with Innovation and Design

Coway, “The Best Life Solution Company”, is a Korean environmental company that is the leader in producing innovative smart home appliances and technologies. Through its smart features, advanced HEPA filtering expertise, award-winning products, unrivaled market share and customer satisfaction, Coway has achieved global brand recognition.

For Coway, on occasion of the CES tech event in 2022, Bright8 has developed qualitative messaging around innovation and lifestyle angles, new product lines and improved features.

On a European level, our approach focused on four key areas: developing the PR messaging, advertorial and promotional content, building and promoting the storytelling around Coway’s products and its participation in CES, growing the brand visibility and facilitating a conversation with stakeholders across Europe.

“To support our mission of achieving brand recognition in Europe, we are delighted to find in Bright8 a trustworthy partner that aims for excellence in corporate branding, marketing, PR, and communication.”

– Rodney Ryu, Managing Director, Coway Europe

In a mix of PR, branded content and native ads, Bright8 used key tech and lifestyle messages along with the CES storyline to create newsworthy content about the brand and its products. This introduction to the European market, converted to a great number of article views and website visits. Bright8 reached out and connected with the European media landscape with titles spanning across leading innovation, lifestyle, wellbeing, environment and technology. With these PR articles, branded content and native ads, Bright8 invited the attention of target audiences within an organic environment on high quality media with a large reach. This work generated a positive and enhanced the perception of the Coway brand as trustworthy.

To strengthen Coway as a leading sustainable home appliances company in the European market, with special focus on sustainability, wellbeing and health, Bright8 streamlined and rolled out lifestyle and innovation PR campaigns in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.
Bright8 invited press and other important stakeholders to join the conversation around innovation for better life, in this way, positioning Coway as an innovation sustainable leader across Europe.

Coway Logo

The Best Life Solution Company,” was established in Korea in 1989. Pioneering industry-leading air purifiers in the European market since the 2000s, Coway remains since its foundation, a leader in the sector with over 6,800 staff, the largest R&D centre in Asia, 4,200 intellectual property and patents.