ReSource is upping the ante for accountability,
traceability and sustainability in the mineral industry

In line with UN’s SDGi ambitions, the mining industry and supply chain members are increasing in their demand to highlight the sustainability accountability, provenance and visibility within its processes.

ReSource provides members of the mining industry supply chain with a digital blockchain-based tool that traces and accounts for every step of the way, from mine to battery. ReSource is proudly led by industry, for industry.

While the business has its starting point in the cobalt mining industry and the batteries in Tesla cars, the digital app platform has great potential to be used in the mining industries for other EV-source minerals.

Strategic Positioning: Collaboration, innovation, technology and sustainability

One of Bright8’s strengths is our dedication in understanding our clients within their environment. It is no different for ReSource: we began by conducting desk research to gain a clearer picture of pain points within the industry, proposition, personality and connection with target groups.

Armed with insight from our research and brainstorming sessions with the client, we developed a comprehensive positioning document—a valuable tool to create and set discourse language for further marketing use within multiple streams.

The communication objective is to create awareness, understanding, acceptance and adoption of ReSource as the primary traceability solution within the EV-source minerals (graphite, cobalt, lithium, manganese, and nickel) supply chain. Our positioning clearly defines key factors within the industry, the need for traceability, the journey from awareness to adoption, the multiple types of stakeholders, the ReSource benefit and difference from their competitors and peers.

Using our positioning as blueprint for future internal and external messaging, we can now work with their largest challenge: increasing awareness and uptake within stakeholders to join ReSource’s platform in an industry-wide effort to stimulate and facilitate a business environment where all materials are sustainably sourced, not by simply offering the best traceability solution but by recognising and overstepping industry specific barriers.

The ReSource’s tool was developed with the latest block-chain technology to trace minerals used for EV cars. The system can track minerals such as graphite, cobalt, lithium, manganese, and nickel, throughout the supply chain.