AmEuro Metals

When the logo and the visual brand
speaks for the business itself

Headquartered in the Netherlands, AmEuro Metals supplies raw materials for use in the aerospace, defence and high-tech industries. In 2022, we overhauled their online brand image, including a new website, logo and presence.

Intelligent Design

The studio rebuilt the website, bringing the design into 2023—and beyond! Working from a brand ID we developed that effectively mirrors the business and its space-tech clients, a new logo and website now speaks of a modern, cutting edge and forward-looking business.

The client’s new logo now features a more technical look & feel. The font selected is thinner, with clean and much sharper lines. The graphic icon echoes the wing of planes, but also has a metallic overlay to highlight AmEuro’s main business in metals.

Intuitive service

Upon the successful launch of the AmEuro website, we continue to support their international communications needs and events, for instance, at the 2023 Paris Airshow.

Coway Logo

AmEuro Metals B.V. is an independent, privately held metal distributor specializing in the supply of raw materials for use in the aerospace, defense and high tech industries.