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Widening Horizons Through Inspiring Campaigns

We are delighted to have worked with the Spanish Tourist Board, TUREspaña for a few years now. TUREspaña approached us in 2020 with the aim to increase awareness within the Netherlands in all things Spanish: food, sports, architecture, music, fashion, history, sun, sea and sand.

Bright8 is filled with young-at-heart talents who love to travel, explore and learn. A match! Together, we strengthen TUREspaña’s positioning and messaging within the Netherlands.

Designing Details

We create great visuals and messaging to connect regions within la bella España with Dutch-speaking families, digital nomads and intrepid travellers. These include a website, creative banners and social media visuals designed by our own in-house studio.

Digital Campaigns in the Netherlands

Through eye-opening, vibrant and lively campaigns, we boost TUREspaña’s presence and space within the European travel industry. Our campaigns increase awareness for travel and life in Spain, all with the warmth and engagement that the Spanish culture is known for.

Our highly successful first campaign with TUREspaña was in 2021, Reis mee door het hart van Spanje (Travel Through the Heart of Spain). Our focus was to highlight some of the cultural routes in Spain through a series of webinars. Thousands watched the webinars via the landing page Bright8 created for the campaign and more than a thousand signed up for the newsletter.

To create awareness for the Spain’s La Vuelta 2022 annual cycling race, Bright8 ran a social media campaign for TUREspaña. The aim was to inspire intrepid Dutch cyclists to join the Vuelta race which pedaled-off in Utrecht, as well as to expose the audience to Spanish regions of Valencia and Andalusia. Bright8 also designed vehicle-billboard signage for the TUREspaña electric car in the event’s first all-green cavalcade (Eerste Groene Karavaan Ooit!).

A popular campaign that has been a repeat for TUREspaña is the #workingonline campaign; first run in April 22 and also in Nov 22 due to the positive response. The second time we brought together 81 accommodation providers to drive exposure to Spain’s #digitalnomad possibilities—apropos at a time when Northern Europe shivers in their sub-zero winters and tries to save on costly energy bills!

Increasing Lasting Impressions

We won’t stop until “let’s go to Spain” starts holiday planning conversations. With playful messaging and visuals, aimed at a specific target audience, Bright8 delivers successful campaigns in which the click per page and the time per session goes up while the bounce rate stays low.

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TUREspaña (Instituto de Turismo de España) is the Spanish Tourist Board, responsible for the marketing of the country as a tourist destination throughout the world.