Switzerland Tourism

From the mountaintops to the urban cities

Switzerland Tourism, the tourist board of Switzerland, aims to attract tourists and visitors to see what the country has to offer during the main tourist seasons. In the summer, mountaintops, cities and friendly locals are all reasons to experience Switzerland. The region bursts into colour then.

In the winter season, there is so much more than mere wintersports and skiing. Seeing the white capped alps and the white carpeted landscape with its twinkling towns is a magical site that one finds hard to forget! Although small in size, it is rich with culture, food, architecture and offerings from the varied natural landscape.

Targeted online campaigning

Bright8 has worked with Switzerland Tourism on campaigns to increase awareness of its tourism offerings within Netherlands and the Flanders regions. Our full-service dedication included setting up of campaigns, targeting, creatives and strategy.

In May 2021, Bright8 launched a programme in the Netherlands and Belgium regions with the aim of increasing exposure and awareness for sustainable tourism and travel in Switzerland in the summer months. At the same time, Bright8 ran a campaign focusing on attracting travellers to immerse in the culture and food offerings within Swiss urban/city hubs.

For example, Bright8 identified ‘slow travel’ as a growing trend, particularly amongst travellers who were retired and unencumbered by work and young family life.

In November 2021 and January 2022, we deployed two Flemish one-month-long campaigns targeting older travellers in the region of Flanders. The Bernina Express campaign concentrated on travel within Switzerland using train. During the campaign, our travel partners reported higher bookings of their services and we observed high click rates on our social media campaign visuals.

In 2022, Bright8 strategised, planned and deployed a Winter Wonderland campaign on social media, focusing on the beauty of Switzerland, running all of December 2022. Another concurrent campaign promoted sustainable travel through train from Netherlands or Belgium to major Swiss cities, eliminating the worry of long drives with winter road conditions, whilst offering comfortable train arrangements.

Versatility in cross-culture efforts

As a full-service PR & Marketing agency, we are proud to be able to support our international clients. For these smart targeted campaigns, we employed Bright and engaging visuals and inspiring messages to evoke idyllic and exciting experiences for the intrepid adventurer, which included various discount codes and offerings. Our in-house studio created these visuals in a few forms: banners, carousels and videos.

Switzerland Tourism is the tourist board of Switzerland and works to attract tourists and visitors to visit its beautiful landscapes all year round.