2020 Prologis Logistics Rent Index: Tested Resilience Points to Continued Growth and Demand

Media Alert – February 8, 2021

Dear journalist,

Introduced in 2015, the Prologis Logistics Rent Index examines trends in net effective market rental growth in key logistics real estate markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our proprietary methodology focuses on taking rents, net of concessions, for logistics facilities.

The index combines the company’s local insights on market pricing dynamics with data from its global portfolio. Rental rates at the regional and global levels are weighted averages based on estimates of market revenue.

Dirk Sosef, vice president, Research & Strategy, Europe adds: “Rent growth remained positive in 2020, with net effective rents flat at 0.3% year over year. Structural demand drivers included an acceleration of e-commerce, reassessments of inventory levels and a greater need for speed to market. Overall, demand was fueled by industries that provide essential goods, underscoring the importance of sector and supply chain. We anticipate growth to continue to tick up across European markets in 2021, along with healthy demand.”

Attached we are sending you the research results.

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