Research among Dutch travelers

Research shows that Dutch travellers are longing for a sun-filled holiday and are even willing to spend more on this than before the Coronacrisis.
This was revealed in research that Bright8 did together with The research was done halfway May 2020 with just under 1.800 consumers.

Europe is a winner

90% of the respondents shared their preference to go on holiday within Europe in the next 6  months. A little unexpected; 21% chose for a staycation holiday within the Netherlands. Other popular countries are Spain  (12%), Germany (12%), France (10%), Greece (8%), Austria (5%) and Portugal (4%). Notably, only 3% would like to go to Belgium, 2% to Italy and 1,5% to Sweden.

Which country in Europe would you go to?

Seriously considering America and Curaçao

From the travellers who indicate they would go on holiday outside of Europe; Thailand is the most popular destination with 10%. America and Curaçao share the second place, each with 9% and Canada became third with 5%. 

The Dutch are looking for sun

Sun is an important factor for many when choosing a holiday. 37% of respondents would like to book a holiday in the sun. City trips are also popular with 18%. A nature holiday (16.8%), snow holiday (13.4%) and a cultural holiday (8.4%) are less popular with Dutch travellers.

Ski holidays on hold

Going on a ski holiday this year doesn’t seem to attract many people. At least 77% is doubting whether or not they will go on a ski holiday for the 2020/2021 season. For the people that are still interested in ski holidays, the destinations Austria (43%), Germany (20%), France (16%), Italy (12%) and Switzerland (8%) are the most popular. Bigger spenders than before the crisis.

Which country would be your preference?

Bigger spenders for holiday bookings

Great news for the travel industry: 82.1% of the travellers can spend the same on a holiday as before the crisis. 6.6% indicates they have even more budget than before the COVID-19 crisis. 

Are you planning to spend more or less money on your holiday in 2021 than usual?

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