Now is the time to re-connect

Yes, there are many things we aren’t able to do right now, but one thing remains at our fingertips: the internet. We are now more online than ever; scrolling more on Instagram, shopping more online and looking for more inspiration on what we can do once the rules loosen up. That is why this is the time to get to work with creative solutions and engage with your target group.

But how exactly can you do that? We have the answers to five of your burning questions so that you can (together with us) get straight to it. Because – trust us – the clock is ticking and the competition isn’t waiting up…

1. How do I find the right message for my target group?

Our world has changed completely, which is why you can’t just continue with the same message as before the COVID-19 outbreak. It may be that your target group needs and wants other things, that new opportunities in the market come up, competitors start reinventing themselves or have left the market completely or things may have changed internally at your company.

This is why you’re left with no other choice but to look around you and find a new position in the market before you continue communicating. Update your brand message, act swiftly and decide on new objectives. Have a good look at the latest trends. Organise a brainstorm session with your team, make a SWOT analysis and do desk research to find new insights into your target group. How would we go about this? Have a look at our What We Do page for more information.

2. What is the quickest way to reach my target group?

Faster is not always better, but in this case, there is somewhat an urgency to take action. So, let’s focus on the most efficient way rather than just the fastest. That would be online marketing: an online campaign is a great way to get ahead of the game quickly. With your updated target group segmentation, market positioning and recovery message as a starting point, you can use programmatic advertising and hypertargeting to reach your target group efficiently. You can create awareness, but you can also focus on more tactics for conversion – depending on where your prospect is in the buying funnel. Online campaigns are perfect to zoom in on your target group and approach that segmentation with their specific interests and what they find important at this moment.

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3. What does the (online) media landscape look like right now?

Many advertisers have put their marketing campaigns on hold or postponed them. That means that there are a lot more media inventory available and prices are going down. When we look at online media, we can see that the CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is much lower than usual. That means you can continue with the same budget but reach more people with better titles and websites. Besides that, you could use larger, more premium formats than you would usually do. But don’t be mistaken, what is quite remarkable is that the costs for advertising are going down, but the titles aren’t becoming less popular. Take for example news websites; they are booming right now. So that means you have more opportunity to reach a larger target group. This trend counts applies to all types of media such as magazines, daily press and out-of-home-marketing.

“Buy now, use later. For multiple clients, we have done media buying to use at a later stage. This how we make optimal use of the available inventory right now,” says David, our managing director.

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4. Can you share an example of a successful campaign?

We sure can. Online campaigns are very much our thing as we can get right into the nitty-gritty of creative thinking and data. For Switzerland Tourism we created a hypertargeting campaign with a wink. We used images that show the difference between daily life in the Netherlands and Belgium and the more attractive situation in Switzerland. We started with a broad, general message and continued with more targeting to make tailormade online advertisements that follow the target group’s interests and their behaviour within the campaign.

5. How I reach my targets?

Data is king. Continuous measuring of data is not only useful for its insights but also to update the campaigns while they are still live. You can start with a clear strategy on a campaign level and the behaviour of your target group on the website. Then, by using A/B testing in creatives and copy, we can alter the campaign continuously for optimal results. We can zoom in on the behaviour of the target group, tweak the creatives and copy or change the landing page on the website. With real-time monitoring of the campaign, you can always keep an eye on your KPI’s and make adjustments to your campaign while it’s still live, giving you a better chance to reach your goals.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there are enough opportunities to get going with online marketing and this is just an introduction. Start now and get in on the latest trends. For every problem, there is a creative solution and we’d like to find one with you.

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