Website Kaleido
Live life on your own terms

A bright and bubbly brand identity translated into a user-friendly, informative and engaging website.

Kaleido – Live life on your own terms

Kaleido offers insulin pump therapy so that people with diabetes can feel more free, flexible and live life on their own terms. Done right, an insulin pump system should give you 24/7 freedom, convenience and peace of mind. Kaleido has designed an insulin pump with all that in mind and plenty more. The design is discreet, the identity is playful and fresh, and the pumping system uses state-of-the-art technology to offer the best experience.

The challenge

The Bright8 team was asked to create a brand-new website for Kaleido that creates quality leads and is more mobile-friendly. The brand wanted to stay close to their existing look & feel and our task was to make sure the website was more of an effective tool for each stage in the sales rather than just a place to implement their great branding.

Becoming an informational hub

When people with diabetes land on the Kaleido website they are looking for answers. Most customers first get to know about Kaleido through healthcare professionals who recommend the insulin pump. When they get home, they go on the web, google Kaleido and land on the Kaleido website. We got the task to make sure that the new website would be an informational hub where customers and potential customers can find everything they’re looking for. Kaleido needed to come across as more of an expert in their field. The website should show an understanding of exactly what the users need and are looking for. The Bright8 team made that happen.


Creating a sense of community

What better way to be intrigued by a brand than with a sense of community? Feeling like you belong to something and reading real experiences from other people with diabetes, will make it more attractive to go for Kaleido. Our team was asked to create this sense of community with the new website and bring forth the stories of Kaleidoers.

All about the client’s goals

To start this process, we made sure we had all the information necessary. As with any project, we make sure that the goals and objectives are clear with us and the client.

Interviews were made to gain some insights into the target group and to find out what they’re looking for. After brainstorming with the client, an outline was created with the main goals of this project, competitors were analyzed and clear overview of the USP’s we had to consider throughout the process was also put together.

The result: a creative yet practical website

Kaleido is all about color and a playful attitude. We created a full-responsive WordPress website that gives off the feeling of freedom and positivity by using vibrant colors and playful design elements. The website is easy to maintain for the client, who can edit things easily and add content like blogs themselves.