Switzerland Tourism

Hypertargeting Recovery Campaign

Bringing travelers back to Switzerland with clear, inviting visuals and personalized messages through hypertargeting


Freedom and space

With an abundance of space and plenty of fresh air, Switzerland is the perfect place as a vacation destination. We’ve created multiple campaigns with Switzerland. The most recent is from right after the reopening of the borders due to COVID-19. When it was announced that travelers were welcome again, we formulated the message to suit these new times and what travelers were looking for at that exact moment. The campaign reached nearly 14 million people. Furthermore, it generated a high number of qualitative website traffic with a high time on site and high number of viewed pages.

The strategy – recover and rediscover

As with all our projects, we started by creating a strategy and target group segmentation to make sure the campaign not only looks great but is as effective as possible. In the recovery campaign the focus was on the freedom to move around, space, air and the strength that nature gives you. We positioned Switzerland as a safe, exclusive, well organized home away from home.


Hypertargeting is an ideal way to reach a specific target audience and deliver relevant personalised messages. We created different buyer personas that outlined the main travelers we aimed to attract with this campaign. The main message was then tuned to each persona and sent specifically to this audience through hypertargeting. With hypertargeting you are often guaranteed more value for the amount spent on ads as well as more quality leads.

The hypertargeting campaign included visuals for the different areas in Switzerland; Bern, Lake Geneva, Graubünden, Ticino and Wallis.

Recovery visuals

Our creative team pitched a few ideas for the design of the visuals for this recovery campaign. Together with the client, we chose for an emotional message of freedom and space. It has an uncomplicated feel and allows the message to come across clearly with bold, clear lettering and copy. The awe-inspiring photography is center stage and draws you into the beauty of the country and the different things it offers for each traveler.

  • HTML5 banners
  • GIF ads for Social Media
  • Speed videos for Social Media
  • A general campaign video

Switzerland Tourism is responsible for tourism to Switzerland. They showcase the most beautiful places, most fun to do’s, best accommodations and help you with your trip to Switzerland. We aid Switzerland Tourism with various marketing campaigns in Europe.